Black Label Signature 360N 3.5 Biker Shorts 1+1

Rp 1.198.000
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Black Label Signature 360N Leggings 3.5 pieces,
Performance that does not stop even in midsummer, cool even more with 3.5 part biker shorts! A long, straight leg line is completed with the optimal length of shorts ! The 3.5-part length that comes down to the middle of the thigh has a magical effect that makes the legs look longer as well as active. It is a 3.5 length biker shorts that can be worn comfortably until midsummer and is highly useful for daily life and exercise. The part that touches the abdomen is sewn-free to relieve pressure, and the back part of the waist is treated with an incision line to hold it comfortably without lifting.The high waist line that rises above the belly button makes the leg line look longer and provides a stable fit. Available S - XL

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